Radiant Barrier in Attic antenna question or suction cup window mount

I searched for this on the forum and couldn’t find an answer so hopefully this isn’t redundant–I have a radiant barrier on the inside of the roof in the attic–would this seriously impact my reception if I put the FA 5 dB antenna in the attic or should I stick with my window setup with the basic antenna? I would rather not buy all the coax and other materials for this if it would seriously hamper the results in the attic. In my community I cannot install the antenna externally on my roof.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a good window suction cup mount that would work with the FA 5 dB antenna? Thank you and I am excited to be a part of this FA community!

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Radiant Barrier insulation is conductive, so it will have some effect on signal strength. Can you put the antenna near a gabled side where there is no barrier? All you can really do is try it. There’s a good chance it will be better than an indoor antenna. How about a flag pole? any restrictions on that in your community? No one will ever notice the FA antenna on the top, or even inside if it’s a non-conductive pole. :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, my experience (sample size n=1) is that I got a huge benefit from moving the antenna from a window on the top floor into the attic.

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Thank you for the feedback-looks like I will try out the attic setup!

@JamesKunz, I agree.

This is my bedroom site

This is my attic site.

Same antennas, amps and cavity filters, however, one receiver is a mode S Beast and the other is an Airspy.