another dumb question

I feel as if I am decently versed in ATC lingo, but one question has plegued me for a long time that I just can’t seem to figure out…

When a pilot, for example, initially contacts the tower and says something like, “Northwest 591 inbound runway 12L WITH CHARLIE to land”, what does “with charlie” mean…or “with delta” or “with X-ray”. ?

Anyone know?



ATIS info for that hour. Goes on an alphabetic rotation, so the next hour would have been “with delta”.

Another question along those lines… When a pilot contacts ground and says he has November. Is he ready to push?

EDIT: More specifically before he is going to taxi at the origin airport.

The phraseology “with (blank)” or “has (blank)” or “with/has information (blank)” all refer to the same thing - the ATIS. ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) is a recorded broadcast at towered airports, usually updated hourly. Each time it is updated it is given a new phonetic designation: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, and so on. The ATIS broadcast contains weather information, runways in use, frequencies in use, NOTAMS, and other pertinent information. When a pilot initially calls air traffic control for departure or arrival, the pilot notifies the facility that he has “information (blank).” This means that the pilot has listened to and obtained the current ATIS broadcast for that hour.

I know what ATIS is just was unsure what that was. But its different if they ask to transition through the Bravo airspace?

If you are interested in hearing what an ATIS broadcast sounds like and don’t mind placing a phone call to Chicago, you can listen to the following ATIS broadcasts by calling the following numbers.

Chicago O’hare Intl: 773-601-8921
Chicago Midway Intl: 773-581-9967

You can also visit and search for an airport near by. Under communications, look for ATIS. There is often a number you can call to listen to the ATIS broadcast.

While these ATIS broadcasts are read by a computer, many smaller towered airports have human recorded ATIS broadcasts.

I have heard an ATIS broadcast before…

Completely revising this post, as after re-reading your question, I think I understand.

The phraseology “with/has information (blank)” refers to an ATIS broadcast.

The phraseology “request permission to transition Bravo Airspace” refers not to an ATIS broadcast but to a type of airspace.

The most common airspace classifications in the United States are: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Golf. Each type of airspace has different entry requirements. Airspace is designated by its use and volume of traffic. To “transition Bravo Airspace” means to enter a section of controled airpsace defined as Bravo Airspace provided the entry conditions are met.

Sorry for the long descriptions of ATIS. The posts were mainly geared toward JTR incase he or anybody else who may read this thread is not familiar with what an ATIS broadcast is.

Hey, you said the same thing I did, only with much more description. I was, uh, how is a good way to put this, uh…ah hell, screw it, I has beyond half way to total inebriation at the time. I didn’t feel like putting the entire definition and explanation of ATIS. Thanks for taking care of it for me.

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btw, what do flight tracks look like in that state?