Another Alaska plane crash


With fatalities. Unknown cargo plane, militay paint job, multi-engine prop, in Denali Forest.

Plane crashes in Denali National Park in Alaska: By RACHEL D’ORO 2010-08-02T05:17:44Z ANCHORAGE, Alaska …


Sounds like this was N709RR the C-123 used for the flying scenes in the movie Conair. The aircraft was based at Delta Junction Airport, AK and has carried supplies to local mines since 2004. Sad!


Correct tail number, wrong plane!!!

N709RR the crash aircraft, it is officially registered under it’s military registration as c/n, is actually c/n 20158 and of All West Freight Inc. of Delta Junction Alaska.

The movie had two C123K’s, one for the flying scenes, which was actually N94DT c/n 20155 of Military Restoration Corp. in Anaheim, CA.

Ground scenes was aircraft c/n 20245 with N709RR added though not registered, and is still on display today at Wendover Airport (KENV), UT and still wearing its fake/movie c/s as “N709RR / Jailbird”.


Lots of confusion regarding the Conair movie aircraft!!! Thanks for the clarification.

Ive been on 20245 several times at Wendover, its funny to see a tractor steering wheel and controls for electric props in the cockpit.

I was living in Vegas and watched some of the filming at the Sands and the flyover of the strip with chase aircraft at low level. The flyover made local news as no one informed the public regarding the overflights, and 911 operators received numerous calls.


So much for clarification, according to this site, N709RR was in the movie, as well as the other two aircraft??

Now I’m confused!!!

I stand corrected!!! Guess I better go watch the movie again!


Very confusing!!! Here’s another site with Conair movie aircraft history…

The Wendover C-123 is open to the public as part of the self guided tour of the abandoned Wendover Air Force Base.


According to my uncle… the runway they were landing on requires a 180 turn at about 60 degrees of bank to avoid impacting terrain. This particular a/c has made the landings without incident in the past but some people belive what brought it down was a shift in weight in the cargo bay that caused an overbank. I guess it’ll be a good while before we find out.