Announcing PiAware 5!

wifi client isolation?

I will wait for a few weeks for everyone to sort out things.

Version 4.0 is working fine so no need to upgrade for the sake of it.

There is so little traffic that any changes are not going to make a difference.

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The width of the table can be adjusted by dragging it on the button.

However this width is not saved. Once you launch the site again, the table width jumps back to the original size. This should be fixed.

Found this new thing "wisdom" and "benchmark" in ver 5.0.


/usr/lib/dump1090-fa/starch-benchmark: wrote sorted wisdom to /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local
Wisdom written to /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local
Copy this file to /etc/dump1090-fa/wisdom.local
(and restart dump1090-fa) to start using it.


The directory /etc/dump1090-fa does not exist. Used following commands to (1) create the directory and (2) copy the file:

sudo mkdir /etc/dump1090-fa 
sudo cp /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local /etc/dump1090-fa/
sudo systemctl restart dump1090-fa




pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo bash /usr/share/dump1090-fa/generate-wisdom

Benchmarking .. this will take a while.
First pass: generating /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.initial
==== magnitude_uc8 ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              213809 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   292837 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    289775 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           292281 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd                     534247 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            290061 ns/call
  exact_generic                             1701991 ns/call
==== magnitude_uc8_aligned ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              214615 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   297936 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd_aligned            285313 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd_aligned   304901 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd_aligned             534236 ns/call
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd_aligned      214655 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    286548 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           297940 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd                     534333 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            285156 ns/call
  exact_generic                             1703554 ns/call
==== mean_power_u16 ===
  u32_armv8_neon_simd                       45549 ns/call
  u64_generic                               89139 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd                     94494 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd                       89107 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd                72244 ns/call
  float_generic                             176731 ns/call
  u32_generic                               45557 ns/call
==== mean_power_u16_aligned ===
  u32_armv8_neon_simd                       44997 ns/call
  u64_generic                               86378 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned             87581 ns/call
  u32_armv8_neon_simd_aligned               44895 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd_aligned               86360 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned        77324 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd                     87560 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd                       86348 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd                77348 ns/call
  float_generic                             176702 ns/call
  u32_generic                               44906 ns/call
/usr/lib/dump1090-fa/starch-benchmark: wrote sorted wisdom to /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.initial
Second pass: generating /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local
/usr/lib/dump1090-fa/starch-benchmark: loaded wisdom file /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.initial
==== magnitude_power_uc8 ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              242320 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   314784 ns/call
  twopass_armv8_neon_simd                   259019 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    358193 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           314582 ns/call
  twopass_generic                           258981 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            358119 ns/call
==== magnitude_power_uc8_aligned ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              231340 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   320455 ns/call
  twopass_armv8_neon_simd_aligned           259694 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd_aligned            360941 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd_aligned   326799 ns/call
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd_aligned      231336 ns/call
  twopass_armv8_neon_simd                   259610 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    356635 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           320467 ns/call
  twopass_generic                           259667 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            356248 ns/call
==== magnitude_sc16 ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              683395 ns/call
  exact_float_generic                       3173759 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd                 1333908 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd               1405110 ns/call
  exact_u32_generic                         2759591 ns/call
==== magnitude_sc16_aligned ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              640825 ns/call
  exact_float_generic                       3165005 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd_aligned         1333816 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned       1395486 ns/call
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd_aligned      641306 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd                 1335690 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd               1395984 ns/call
  exact_u32_generic                         2751767 ns/call
==== magnitude_sc16q11 ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              166491 ns/call
  exact_float_generic                       1042310 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd                 329487 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd               348151 ns/call
  11bit_table_armv8_neon_simd               2313939 ns/call
  12bit_table_armv8_neon_simd               2010718 ns/call
  exact_u32_generic                         954207 ns/call
  11bit_table_generic                       2284122 ns/call
  12bit_table_generic                       2006066 ns/call
==== magnitude_sc16q11_aligned ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              155259 ns/call
  exact_float_generic                       1043606 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd_aligned         329580 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned       345868 ns/call
  11bit_table_armv8_neon_simd_aligned       2301019 ns/call
  12bit_table_armv8_neon_simd_aligned       2066511 ns/call
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd_aligned      155601 ns/call
  exact_u32_armv8_neon_simd                 329641 ns/call
  exact_float_armv8_neon_simd               345912 ns/call
  11bit_table_armv8_neon_simd               2287800 ns/call
  12bit_table_armv8_neon_simd               2003215 ns/call
  exact_u32_generic                         951829 ns/call
  11bit_table_generic                       2287089 ns/call
  12bit_table_generic                       1999319 ns/call
==== magnitude_uc8 ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              213398 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    291397 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            294992 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           299833 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   299506 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd                     534285 ns/call
  exact_generic                             1703495 ns/call
==== magnitude_uc8_aligned ===
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd              214559 ns/call
  neon_vrsqrte_armv8_neon_simd_aligned      214571 ns/call
  lookup_generic                            287409 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd_aligned            287160 ns/call
  lookup_armv8_neon_simd                    286952 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_generic                   301716 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd           302338 ns/call
  lookup_unroll_4_armv8_neon_simd_aligned   305832 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd_aligned             534458 ns/call
  exact_armv8_neon_simd                     534358 ns/call
  exact_generic                             1706064 ns/call
==== mean_power_u16 ===
  u32_armv8_neon_simd                       45447 ns/call
  u32_generic                               45434 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd                72110 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd                       89053 ns/call
  u64_generic                               89070 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd                     94381 ns/call
  float_generic                             176543 ns/call
==== mean_power_u16_aligned ===
  u32_armv8_neon_simd_aligned               44784 ns/call
  u32_generic                               44773 ns/call
  u32_armv8_neon_simd                       44808 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned        77312 ns/call
  neon_float_armv8_neon_simd                77273 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd                       86279 ns/call
  u64_armv8_neon_simd_aligned               86281 ns/call
  u64_generic                               86285 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd                     87452 ns/call
  float_armv8_neon_simd_aligned             87462 ns/call
  float_generic                             176477 ns/call
/usr/lib/dump1090-fa/starch-benchmark: wrote sorted wisdom to /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local
Wisdom written to /tmp/wisdom.r57BEP/wisdom.local
Copy this file to /etc/dump1090-fa/wisdom.local
(and restart dump1090-fa) to start using it.
pi@raspberrypi:~ $

upgraded to 5 via the grey wheel.
dpkg reports broken tls
then in CLI update + full-upgrade
now all works OK on Rpi 3B+ / stretch / dump1090-mutability with Al’s mods.

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Successfully Benchmarked x86_64 Machine and copied generated file wisdom.local to folder /etc/dump1090-fa/ and restarted dump1090-fa


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So, what does it do?

Hi there
I have successfully upgraded to PiAware 5.0 without any problem. My SkyAware however is still showing as 4.0 - is this a separate upgrade? If not how can I also update Skyaware?


Right, I’ve deliberately not done this for a few days.

Would I be correct in saying the best way to do this is as follows:

From the Web client

a) Upgrade and restart PiAware
b) Upgrade and restart dump 1090
c) Logon to the Pi and reinstall @wiedehopf’s tar1090, graphs1090 and timelapse1090

And then just do a restart (it’s always nice to restart from time to time).

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That should work …

Yes, it worked perfectly, thanks. I’ve done just the loft receiver at the moment which is an older Pi running a FA dongle and I can see an immediate increase in both message rate and CPU as has already been mentioned in this post.

I’ll do the main receiver with the Airspy a bit later.

Yes you have a package install of PiAware so you will need to upgrade dump1090-fa as well.

Existing Package installs: Select Upgrade PiAware AND Upgrade dump1090-fa and/or dump978-fa via your My ADS-B stats page Site Configuration menu (gray gear icon)

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I had a weird gain issue when I updated but everything was actually fine and it’s working great now. Either my issue or just needed a second reboot. Either way it works now.

I do like the new ways to filter flights and set displayed columns. CPU load is up a bit as noted but it’s certainly not got my 3B pegged or anything close to it. All in all it looks like a good upgrade. I did the manual update from the command line since I’m not running the image version of PiAware.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade piaware
sudo apt-get upgrade dump1090-fa


I installed it, I have the desktop version, installed with apt update/upgrade. Couldn’t find my flightaware pro stick blue. Went back to old version.

Main feeder with Airspy completed as well and not really noticing any difference in ADS-B or overall CPU utilisation.

The CPU difference is in the demodulator … all this posting about changed CPU usage is a bit pointless in regards to the airspy.
With airspy the demodulation is done in the airspy service.

Like a broken pencil :smiley:


I’ll get my coat.

" Just a reminder for those with piaware package installs , you’ll need to update dump1090-fa (and dump978-fa if applicable) via the stats page as well to pull in the new dump1090-fa and SkyAware changes."

I don’t have a clue what this means.

A “Package Install” is that what was copied onto the SD card to get my Pi running in the first instance?
So I look for the gear icon and should be able to upgrade there.
How do I upgrade the dump1090?

Your stats page says : Feeder Type: PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 5.0

which means you took a standard Raspbian Image and installed piaware and dump1090-fa to it using these instructions PiAware - dump1090 ADS-B integration with FlightAware - FlightAware

The alternative way to install PiAware is to take the PiAware SD card image containing all the PiAware/dump1090-fa/dump978-fa software built-in and flash your SD card with it.

To upgrade dump1090-fa, click the gear icon and select “Upgrade and restart dump1090-fa” under Device Commands if you haven’t yet.

I seem to have achieved the step to V5 via the “sudo apt-get upgrade” instruction, so that bit is done. (The process too well over 30 mins!)
I’ll try and find the Device Command.
Thanks for your reply.