Anna Nicole Smith's final flight?


Could this have been it? … /KMIA/MYNN


My coworker, who watched every second of the coverage, said that the flight took off around 7am ET, so this is probably it: … /KMIA/MYNN


The aircraft shown on tv when they were loading the casket was a turbo prop of some sort. I tried to get the N # but could not.


If it was a turbo-prop, did it look like this?

If so, then THIS probably would’ve been the flight. It’s the only turbo-prop showing in a search between MIA and MYNN between 7:00 and 9:00 AM this morning.


The tail # is N851BC. I saw it for about 2 whole minutes on Entertainment Tonight (I swear to God, my wife was the one watching it.) Interestingly, however, the a/c flight history ends on March 1st. I’m ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE of the tail #.


Agreed. Just did the same check.! And I too saw this plane as my wife watched ET.

Either it was just a prop for the cameras or it flew VFR.


N851BC is owned by IBC, so it would be flying as CSQxxx


Like this one??


Perhaps, but they have regular flights to MYNN, so who knows if that was the actual flight or not.


If it was N851BC, one of the Miami area freight haulers - that would be a sad way to go for the starry eyed girl (in with the cargo) but it does at least have a freight door capable of getting a casket through whereas a Galaxy and/or Lear 60 in standard config do not.



IBC has two pax aircraft, N851BC and N767FA. I can’t speak for 851, but 767 is a very nice airplane, even though it is still a Metro. Being that it has that big cargo door, it would be perfect for hauling a casket. Although perhaps one of those AN-12’s out of OPF would have been more fitting for her…lol


The actual flight was

I live here in Broward and was subjected to the 24 hour coverage. :unamused: