Amerijet flight 853


I am in Antigua, and this morning I saw Amerijet flight 853 pass over on approach. Looking at FlightAware it was scheduled to land in a couple of minutes, given the several minute delay of FlightAware data. About 20 minutes later, I re-visited the FlightAware page for TAPA activity, and it said Amerijet 853 was “delayed” as if had never left ST. Maarten. Later, the flight disappeared from the TAPA activity page altogether. Looking at the history of the flight it says it came from Miami to St. Maarten and no further. What gives? I saw the plane clearly. You don’t see many 727’s flying around, and I could read the name on the tail.


The TNCM-TAPA leg is outside our coverage area, so it gets scheduled but never departs/arrives and is automatically hidden.


Thanks for the explanation. I was hoping I wasn’t seeing things. ;>)