AC Flight 8585 Saturday


Our son was on AC flight 8585 YXE to YYC which turned back to YXE after a minute in the air due to a fire on the wing at around 11:45 am last weekend. Out of curiosity, I went into the FA info for that flight and it’s completely weird. Shows the flight time as steady for 7 mins- the plane wasn’t in the air that long and clearly, take off and landing would have huge variations in both. It also shows the reporting facility as Winnipeg. Any idea why?


So I just loooked into this and it appears I had clicked on the wrong link…the info I posted above was for a later flight. Perhaps to move it to another hanger for investigation or repair.

My son’s flight would be this link…and the info looks far more consistent. I solved my own issue. :wink:

But in case you’re interested…