ACA850 Airbus A330 YYC-LHR diverted to YYZ... … /CYYC/CYYZ March 11/08

Currently enroute to YYZ, reports are aircraft blew one or more tires departing from YYC, due into YYZ around 130AM Toronto time.
Can listen to Toronto Terminal: 128.27 (West Satellite Sector), and
Toronto Pearson Tower: 118.7,118.35,(118.0 backup)
Toronto Arrival: 132.8,124.475,125.4 .

Aircraft currently half hour out, just started to snow, and visibility down to 2 miles and dropping. Not the greatest conditions for landing an Airbus with blown tires…
Emergency crews standing by, ACA850 reporting blown tire on right main rear. (As opposed to local news reporting front wheel)!

Arrivals has ACA850 on a 20 mile straight in approach, Fire asked how much fuel on board, answer 35,000 kilos…

All’s well, that end’s well. Safe landing, front, right, rear, blown, no other obvious damage…Passengers will board another Airbus, departing at 3AM to continue to Heathrow…

Nice coverage there robbreid :wink:

It was Fin # 937 C-GHKX. Scheduled to leave YYZ 14 March after repairs to damage.

…for your amusement.

Number: 2008C0830 Reporting Region: Prairie & Northern

Incident Occurrence Date: 2008/03/12
Occurrence Time: 0131 Z Day Or Night: night-time
Fatalities: 0 Injuries:

Canadian Aerodrome ID: CYYC Aerodrome Name: Calgary Intl
Occurrence Location: Calgary Intl (CYYC) Province: Alberta
Country: CANADA World Area: North America

Reported By: NAV CANADA AOR Number: 91278-V1
TSB Class Of Investigation: 5 TSB Occurrence No.: A08O0060

Event Information:

Flight control systems (ailerons, rudder, rotors, flaps, main, tail)
Blown tire/wheel failure
Declared emergency/priority
Aerodrome or runway shutdown

Aircraft InformationFlight #: ACA 850
Aircraft Category: Aeroplane Country of Registration: CANADA
Make: AIRBUS Model: A330 343
Year Built: 2001 Amateur Built: No
Engine Make: ROLLS ROYCE - UK Engine Model: RB211 TRENT 772B-60
Engine Type: Turbo jet Gear Type: Land
Phase of Flight: Takeoff Damage: Minor
Owner: AIR CANADA Operator: AIR CANADA (5262)
Operator Type: Commercial

Narrative: ACA 850, an A330 with 238 people on board, blew a right main tire on departure from Runway 34 at Calgary. Tower noticed significant debris and smoke following the blow-out. The crew was notified and they declared an emergency. The flight loitered in the Calgary area for 30+ minutes and then opted to proceed to Toronto. The runway was unavailable for approximately 5 minutes while debris was cleared and the surface was inspected. TSB report to follow.

Narrative: UPDATE TSB reported that the Air Canada A330-300, flight number 850, departed Calgary, Alberta destined for the London Heathrow Airport. During the take-off roll the aircraft blew a tire on the right main landing gear. The aircraft was significantly over the maximum allowable landing weight therefore instead of returning to Calgary, the aircraft diverted to Toronto/LBPIA in order to burn fuel and reduce the landing weight of the aircraft. The aircraft landed safely at Toronto/LPIA with ARFF services standing by. While the aircraft was being taxied to the gate another tire on the right main landing gear deflated, and the aircraft was shut down while the tire was replaced. There was minor damage to the flap and no injuries as a result of the blown tire. The Air Canada flight safety department is investigating and will provide further details as the information becomes available.