Angry flight attendant charged with setting fire on plane


A flight attendant apparently set a fire because he was upset that he was working that particular route. … index.html


just when you think you have seen it all…


Guess he didn’t want to see the gang from Corner Gas. Ragina is the nearest big town to ‘Dog River’.


I wonder how he’s liking jail?


I’m sure he’ll get plenty of sex!


looks like a FlightAware Squawk! issue to me.



A flight attendant angry about his work route smuggled a lighter aboard an airplane

He is accused of taking a lighter with him through the security checkpoint, authorities said.

He didn’t need to “smuggle” it, the lighter ban was rescinded a long time ago. How can you be “accused” of doing something that’s legal ?
****ing media. :imp:


Did you forget to take your meds again?


Trafly, Pat is correct, they rescinded the Lighter ban about 2 months ago.


Oh, it has nothing to do with the lighter ban. Just amazed that someone can summon that much anger over this subject.


That ? That was nothing, you should see me when I’m really annoyed :open_mouth:

I do admit the quality of reporting (hah !) of aviation items in the popular media is a constant source of irritation. Others may not care, of course.