An Afternoon at Kenmore Air Inc (S60)

Last Saturday, I decided to visit my most local airport, S60, a 15 minute walk/run/jog. It is owned by Kenmore Air where they have their aircraft rebuilding shop. They fix/rebuild up all their Beavers, Otters, Cessnas, and other various float planes. Kenmore Air also rebuilds floats, puts new aluminum on their planes, repaints, takes parts from two planes and makes a complete one, and other maintenance stuff. I jogged down to the water airport and started snapping shots of the best float planes. I went around and watched the mechanic fix one of the fuel pumps on the DHC-3 Otter (Turbo). He let me get inside the cockpit and check out the airplane. The panel had the basic six instruments, two radios, a transponder, Loran C, and the other gauges and levers found on turboprops. When I got out, the mechanic showed me a turboprop that Kenmore Air was going to put in one of their Beavers. I didnt know how small they were until then. Parked next to it was a brand new Cessna 208 Caravan. The mechanic let me get in the almost $2 million airplane. Ahhhhh Relief. An IFR panel. Now were talkin navigation! I talked with the mechanic till he had to get back to work. Just then, the Maggie II (Turbo Otter) pulled up. The PIC had some extra time to answer my questions. I learned that all of Kenmores float planes operate on VFR flights. The IFR flights that FA shows are the Kenmore Express Caravans based out of RNT. (They are flown in the morning to BFI for scheduled flights.) He told me how to land a float plane. Put the plane down level by lowering power till you touch down. Dont flare or youll break the floats. I also asked about where to get started on flying lessons. That was pretty much it. But I had a GREAT time down there and recommend it if you come to Seattle! :slight_smile: Enjoy the pics!

Here is Kenmore’s work horse, the Beaver (DHC-2).

Here is an upgraded Turbo Beaver.

Here is a Cessna being lifted out of the water for overnight storage in the parking lot.

Here is the Maggie II. A turbo Otter (DHC-3)

A cute little Piper that landed and fill up with 100LL and left.

Edit: I’ve got the last two in the que for that “other” website. I really don’t think they’ll make it in (from past experiance.), but…

Great job CCX!

Some of my favorite aircraft in one of my favorite areas of the country.

CFIJames will love 'em.

Since even before I got my private certificate I’ve wanted my seaplane rating. I’ve been talking about doing it for years, maybe one of these days I’ll get around to doing it! Now that I live in NH I’m closer to many of the schools in Maine.
Nice pictures CCX, how about some action shots next time! :wink:

By the way, it looks sunny there, what’s up with that!? Is that your one-sunny-day-a-year quota?

I’m hoping to get my seaplane certificate this spring at Jack Brown’s in Florida. I spent some time there a couple years ago. Great place.