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"America Strong" Blue Angels / Thunderbirds joint flyovers

USA flight trackers have something interesting to watch for over the next 2 weeks.

The first flyovers are tomorrow, Tuesday 28 April 2020:

  • Newark, NJ & New York City, NY: 12:00-12:40 PM EDT
  • Trenton, NJ & Philadelphia, PA: 1:45-2:15 PM EDT

I live just a few miles NW of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst so they may pass directly over my home but might not be in formation yet.

The flight paths are being posted to @BlueAngels Twitter

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So will we be able to see them approaching using the flight aware app? Is there a way to track them?

I’m not far from their flight path and want to be sure to be out at the right time.

I have no prior experience with the Blue Angels or Thunderbirds, but on 1090 MHz ADS-B I regularly track other military flights practicing at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, e.g.

There was no trace of the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds on my trackers during the flyovers today, but I did watch 4 KC-10A Extender refueling tankers circle for hours at 20000 feet over New York city. Here is a screenshot as those 4 tankers flew together almost directly over my home following the NYC flyover, on their way to the Philadelphia flyover.

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Same here in Atlanta. Angels signal wasn’t picked up by my tracker or anyone else’s according to the site’s live tracker, and weren’t listed as scheduled departure from Cobb County International, where they were likely departing given their planned route.

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That said, the ADS-B adoption rate for the US military has been lacking on top of that and they use different IFF interrogation modes.

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