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Flight above not shown on Flight Aware -- why?

Around 12:30 today in northeast Ohio I was speaking with my wife outside and happened to look up and saw a very large four engine jet high overhead, likely 30-35k feet. I was excited to see what may be a 747 or A380 in the air, so I ran inside and grabbed my phone, and figured I’d see a CVG cargo plane or an SDF cargo plane. But there was nothing showing on my screen. I use the app for this very thing about 20 times a week. Nothing showed up on the screen. Why would this be? Wright Patterson AFB is not far from here (three hours from Akron to Dayton by car). There’s a lot in the skies overhead since we’re on the flight path to NYC here. BUt nothing showed up - why would this be?

If it was a Military aircraft it will not show up on flightaware,it is designed for Commercial,Business and some GA aircraft unless they are on the blocked list.

Appreciate the info. We’re minutes from wright Patterson Air Force base and I’ve seen groupings of fighter jets in the air before but never a large plane this one. Thanks!