Vermont Airshow


There is an airshow this weekend over the Burlington water front and on Sunday at the Air Guard base. The Thunderbirds are going to be there. My question is. How many days before the airshow would they show up??? Here is the link for the event. Also will anyone be going to this show??


When they flew in Portland, OR for the 2005 Hillsboro Airshow they showed up the Wednesday (or was it Thursday?) before the show (Sat-Sun).


Thats good I will be able to see them practice my house is about 300yrd from the guard and theres a little park to watch them.


When the T-Birds or the Blue Angels have come to KSCH to do a weekend airshow, they have always arrived Thursday (the 2 seater ship may come a day or 2 early to do media flights). They do an airport orientation Thurs afternoon and then do a full practice show on Friday. I usually go all 4 days. Even the Thursday orientation flying can be really fun … especially if you have a scanner that covers the military bands.

Have fun! Wish I could be there!

Dan in ALB


Thanks I’ll try to have fun just got all 4 of my wisdom teeth out so going to the show with some friend to get my mide off the pain. The only bad thing is that I can only go to the Sunday airshow which is not over the water. I have a scrimage and a wedding. I looked at the Sunday schedule and it says Thunderbirds departure does that mean that they won’t preform?? I hope thats not true because we only have like 1 show every 4-5 years. :cry:


Does it say what time for the departure? If it is at the begining of the show, then you might be out of luck. If it is at the end of the show, then I would expect them to do a full show and then depart. That’s been the case when I’ve seen them. They do a full show both days and then they depart after the show. Of course I always stick around for that too!

It doesn’t make sense to me that they would stay until sunday and not perform - otherwise they would have just left saturday after the show.


They left at 10am I got to watch them practice friday they did it at the waterfront I was at the airport. But it was cool and the kept on flying buy the airport to regroup and things like that. My little sister and I quickly road our bikes to the air base and watched them takeoff. Then I took her to the show it rained the WHOLE time so nothing happend but we stayed to look around but there was 2 A10 that took off then 30min later 2 F-16 scrammbled and they were suppose to bring the A-10’s back but they didn’t they just did a touch and go. There was a F-86 that tookoff and did a sharp turn about 40ft right above us. Then a Coastguard blackhwlk left. Then 2 F-18s left that was is but it was fun. The will be pictures at It was nice to spend the day with my little sister and show her that aviation is for girls also.


Right in the center of Kansas is the Smokey Hill bomb range and 3 weekends ago they had an open house. They brought in 4 A-10s, 4 F-16s (which all shot off dummy bombs, their guns, and rockets) they also had 2 B-2s fly over several times but they didn’t drop anything. They also had a B-52 which dropped somethin like 45 practice bombs.

It was really cool. the A-10s flew over the audience at what had to have been less than 200’ (I assume they could do this because it wasn’t an official airshow?). They also did barrel rolls and cool stuff like that, then they had the helicopters… we don’t really need to talk about helicopters do we?


WOW that sounds so cool I have never seen a B52. My dad always tells me that they would Always fly over are old house ( Which was right in the flight path) And he said you could hear those things coming from so far away.