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allAirports missing data?

I just started doing some development w/ the FlightAware API, and ran the AllAirports function to get a list of all of the airports in your database. When I started to manipulate the data received, I began with SFO, and I noticed both it and OAK were missing from the list. However:

  1. SFO is obviously a pretty major airport
  2. Using SFO w/ a function like Metar or AirportInfo returns valid data.

Is there a reason these airports are missing from the list? Are there other airports which aren’t listed?

SFO will be listed as KSFO, and OAK as KOAK.

As the documentation says, "AllAirports returns the ICAO identifiers of all known airports. For airports that do not have an ICAO identifier, the FAA LID identifier will be used"
flightxml.flightaware.com/soap/F … llAirports

It is recommended that Metar/AirportInfo be invoked with ICAO identifiers , but FAA LID or IATA codes will generally be silently accepted when there is no ambiguity.

EDIT: User error. :blush: Thank you, problem solved!