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Issue in getting results!!!


I am using flightaware api for my iOS application for flight information.I am using following url :-

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 1&offset=0

I am not getting results without airport parameter.What if user dont know airport code then how we can search the things using only flight number?


For weather for a flight, make a FlightInfoEx call first to get the origin/destination of the flight, then do the Metar(Ex) call with the airport code.

This is for weather.If i want to know simple flight details then what i have to do?

I need to put airport parameter then as well?

The example URL you specified in your original post is to retrieve the weather for an airport (“MetarEx” is the function call for airport weather), which takes an airport code as argument. See flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … op_MetarEx

If you want to retrieve the flight status, you must use the “FlightInfoEx” function call, which takes a flight ident as argument. See flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … ightInfoEx

In your flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … FlightInfo url.You have mentioned only functions.What would be the url that we need to get this data for iOS?

As the documentation says, the URL for all of the REST/JSON functions is in this form:


Therefore, if you wanted to call FlightInfoEx, the URL would be something like:

flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 0&offset=0

Thanks for your response.Its really helping me alot.

I am trying to open this link flightxml.flightaware.com/json/F … 0&offset=0 .

It then ask me for username and password.When i fill username and password it should give me results.But its saying :- Authentication Required .What could be the issue behind this.


The password should be your FlightXML API key, not your website password.