Airportinfo missing data


I’m using the AllAirports and AirportInfo procedures to populate a table with Airport ICAO codes and the data from the AirportInfoStruct.

The AirportInfo procedure returns 30,019 ICAO codes.

When I supply those as arguments to AirportInfo procedure, data is only returned for 13,334 airports, leaving 16,685 with no data on name, latitude, longtitude etc.

Could you please update the table that the AirportInfo procedure sources its information from so that information is available for more airports?

We will be updating these methods in the coming weeks to avoid some of these concerns. Thanks!

Any traction on this issue yet?

This will be one of the things included in the FlightXML 2.0 work that we are currently collecting feedback for in another thread in this forum…

Today we’ve updated the Airport methods in FlightXML to now have position information for more international airports.

Additionally, the AllAirport method will now return only about 26,300 airports (of which position information should be available for about 26,100). I’m avoiding exact numbers since they may still change a little bit.

Some of the remaining airport codes that are missing positions are closed or have been renamed with newer codes. We may decide to remove these at some point.

Let me know if you have any issues.