alert when plane approaches airport?

you site is fantastic and i really appreciate your making this available. any chance you could allow user to specify a “time before arrival” and have the page signal (audible alert, for example) when, for me, it’s time to head to the airport?

If you sift through this thread you will find the answer by mduell in between some oddball posts by yours truly.

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seems like a different question - aren’t you asking for all flights within a distance of an airport - i’m jusy asking for an alert triggered by the time counter already generated in the tracking of a specific flight. may be the same thing, seems different to me.

Nah, I was asking for a particular flight. The wording was a little off (I plead the 5th on drinking when I was posting it), but having an alert enabled for x number of minutes remaining in a flight was what I was asking for.

That would be nice. When I travel by GA it would be great of the people who are picking me up at the airport could receive a notification when I am 20 min out (or whatever). Some airlines have this service when it arrives at the gate. But this would be more universal. has the feature you’re talking about; they have a monthly charge for flight tracking. It notifies you when a specific flight is a user-defined number of minutes out. Very helpful for notifying whoever is picking up you or your Angel Flight patients.

A related item that I really like is the FlightAware feature that emails a notification when a flight has diverted to another airport. Prevents your ride from waiting at the wrong airport.


It’s already there; see the “Diverted En-route change of destination” option in alerts management.

Time-before-event alerts are in the works.