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Would it be possible to allow us to create alerts for a specific airline without having to specify the flights numbers?

Example #1
Airline: Air Transat
Origin: YQB
Receive an alert when the flight is:

Example #2
Airline: Air Transat
Destination: YQB
Receive an alert when the flight is:

Thank you

Well, since there was no reply, let me resurrect this thread from the dead, because I would like the same feature. If I can get alerts for ALL flights to/from a given airport, why not allow the smaller subset of all flights by a given operator to/from a specific airport?


This is possible with our Enterprise account. flightaware.com/commercial/premium/

Ok… I have an enterprise account. But I can’t seem to do it from the standard alert config page. Can you give me some tips on how to set it up?


When logged in, click on the My Alerts link on the top of the page. Setup a new alert and check the box for Advanced Options. From there you can enter in the origin and/or destination of your choosing. Once you click Setup Alert you’re good to go!

I was thinking. Wouldn’t be nice to have some silhouettes,flags etc. in the dump1090 to the right from google maps. Is this possible? :question:

Change performance values.; from mph to knots
Altitudes from meters to feet.