Alaska Bug


When requesting information on Bethel, AK (PABE or BET), the template/picture comes up for ABE - Allentown-Bethlehem PA airport.


I entered “BET” and it cam up Bethel. Ditto when I entered PABE.

However, I then checked the airport information page and did come up with Allentown.


Obviously an internal database error.

When you get to the info page for Bend/Bethel (PABE), you’ll see that the header line is correct, but the information on the page is for LVA (KABE).


Track a flight going to Nome and the airport is listed as (KOME). Click on (KOME) and you get invalid airport code…
Type in PAOM (the proper code) and it shows up on the map with a note next to it that this is also an invalid code and the airport doesn’t exist.
Looks like airport listings in Alaska could use de-bugging.


Is their anything that can be done to address this problem? It is nearly impossible to track any flights in/out of Alaska unless they are heading international or to the lower 48. But flights to Fairbanks will show KFAI rather than PAFA, or Nome KOME instread of PAOM. I noticed Bethel seems to be showing up properly now and you can actually see the airport activity out there.

Any comments would be welcomed from a loyal user and fan in Anchorage…



Could the problem be ICAO vs IATA airport codes?


I’ve noticed the same. Some flights from Alaska show up several times on the aircraft’s record. The results are never correct or valid.

In this example, the aircraft showed arrived and normal on the airport page.

10-Dec-2006 C560/Q Sitka Rocky Gutierrez (PASI) Yakima Air Terminal Mc Allister Field (KYKM) 06:30PM YST 07:56PM PST (-1) n/a

11-Dec-2006 C560/Q (KSIT) Yakima Air Terminal Mc Allister Field (KYKM) 01:40AM GMT result unknown (?) n/a