Alaska Airlines Says Aloha To Hawaii


Alaska Airlines Press Release

Alaska Airlines Says Aloha To Hawaii
New Seattle-Honolulu service launches Oct. 12, with Seattle-Kauai to follow Oct. 28; Anchorage-Honolulu service to begin Dec. 9. The new flights will be operated with Boeing 737-800 aircraft, accommodating
16 passengers in first class and 141 in the main cabin.



Oh yeah!!! Cool! Sweeeeeet!!!


Don’t get too excited now…


Yay! It’s about time! We’ve all only been hearing rumors about it for a few years now…Haha.

Very excited, already booked my tickets to Honolulu in December. =) Tickets were only $109 one way, but those went within hours of the annoucement. Congrats to AS!

Now…if only they will add Atlanta to the mix by the end of the year.


Just curious, why Atlanta?

Delta has six flights a day with 752/763’s and ValuJet :stuck_out_tongue: has two flights a day with 737’s. I’ve flown this route a couple times recently and although I don’t love Delta, they have a good schedule and I still get my Alaska miles. What competitive advantage would Alaska have serving Delta’s hub?


None. That’s why I don’t think they will ever fly there.

I don’t like Delta either (or Skywest or any regional for matter, except for QX).


I fly to ATL every month out of Seattle (also using my AS miles). Atlanta is a huge airport, and although it is Delta’s hub, I still think Alaska Airlines would make a pretty big profit out of it. Delta is the only airline that flies direct out of Seattle to Altlanta. And every flight I’ve been on roundtrip from SEA-ATL, the flights have been packed. I don’t think it would hurt for another airline to jump in there.

At least two flights a day would help. If the schedules don’t work with mine, then I guess I’ll tough it out on Delta - but would prefer not to.


While I LOVE Alaska Airlines for flying up and down the west coast, they leave much to be desired when on long-hauls. My Seattle to Chicago flight was packed, food was awful and it is very cramped on them -800’s.

I have flown Hawaiian Air three times in 5 years and would not hesitate to recommend them. Big planes, free food and great service.


Just don’t get on one of the 717s. They’re just one step above a CRJ. (Don’t get stuck like me in row 26 with NO window!)


Here are your two 737 flights a day on a LCC…


All PM or red-eyes. Blahh.

I’ve flown on Hawaiin once - it was a good flight. But if I fly Alaska, I still get to use my miles since AS no longer has an agreement with them. And lord knows I need those miles to keep up my status. Better customer service, and I’d say the inflight service is about the same though. If you can score a good seat on the '800s, you’ll be sure to have a good flight.


Alaska and Hawaiian are probably going to fight for passengers on the SEA-HNL route. But Alaska is going to own the ANC-HNL and SEA-LIH route because I dont think any other airlines offer nonstop flights on those routes.


…And NWA. They operate two 757-300s on that city pair (NW 219 and 807). HAL operates only a 767-300 (HAL21, and ~200 seats).