Alaska Airlines Lei's


How many 737’s with lei’s around the Eskimo does Alaska Airlines have?


Why not check out there website. Best to get the info from the source! :laughing:





Just finished reading that book. I’m on the 4th one now. Good “trilogy.”


According to a previous FA topic they are only the B738s, their website says they have 60 of the -800 version, but it doesn’t say how many have the lei… … 7-800.aspx
At least he correctly IDed the logo as an eskimo verses the cowardly lion :wink:


I believe the leis are on the ETOPS* equipped -800’s. Alaska has 28 of these.

*Take your pick:
Engines turning or passengers swimming
Extended Twin Operations
Extra twin on passengers’ seatbelts


Haha thanks for the answers finally, I always used to think the Eskimo was a lion…