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Airspy Mini - New investment?

My smiley at the end should indicate the joke level of my comment :wink:

But you’re right. If you want to do more, it’s a heavy price.
For me it is sufficient having the aircraftlist as json file.

These are the things you get with the commercial license:

  • Raw data interfaces.
  • ASTERIX protocol.
  • Better GPS timestamp resolution.
  • Connection to Jetvision Flight Tracking Network (MLAT) can be disabled.

I compare it with a Volkswagen vs. Mercedes. With both you can reach your destination.


I think the Airspy Mini would be the best compromise and going any further would result in just further diminishing returns. I will probably get one in the future, but no more…

I might just borrow @foxhunter Squitter instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am sorry, but it’s not for rent :slight_smile:

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I ordered an airsquitter late Wednesday, after CE business hours. It was a holiday on Thursday and a lot of people take Friday off. I expect it to ship Monday.

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Pretty likely. Jetvision is normally doing quick shipping.

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Please share your experience with the Airsquitter with us. I know Foxhunter is running one and is very pleased with it.

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I can’t wait to see a match between Airspy and Air!Squitter :grinning:


Aispy vs Radarcape, done
Airspy wins in terms of message rate and range…


Yes, they shipped it today. Looks like I just made it as the price appears to have gone up a lot.

How did you do that? Your setup, timeframe etc would be nice to see.

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Wow you are right. It is almost doubled! Wasn’t it €300 for a basic?

Was thinking about it but now…

On their main page it still is €300, but that was a promotion: https://airsquitter.com/
The “Buy now” page has now the €500 price tag. That’s insane IMO.
I guess is part of the electronic chips crunch.

or just trying to make extra money :pensive:

The price of silicon has almost doubled in the last few months.

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And the price of plywood :frowning:

For silicon I blame the f***ing mining for the new digital coins.

I think the SBCs have enough processing power to juice the weak signals more than entry level FPGAs with a fraction of the development effort, and probably a fraction of the power usage as well.
Keep an eye on the upcoming 8nm SoCs like the RK3566 / RK3568.

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Could you please explain for a newbie? SBC FPAGs and SoCs?

Southern Baptist Convention


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SBC: Single Board Computer, like Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Banana/Orange/SomeFruit Pi, BeagleBoard, etc. SBCs use SoCs (in general.)

FPGA: Some chip that is good at crunching a lot of very elementary operations. RadarCape, AirSquitter, Beast, all use FPGAs for decoding ADSB (and Flarm) signals. The development time is much longer because you need to instruct the chip what to do at a very low level.

SoC: System on Chip - some chip that is good at crunching fewer but much more complex operations. It is called “System” because it also has some computer peripherals like Ethernet, USB, Memory Controller, GPU, vectorized floating point units, etc. You can leverage the complex instructions to achieve the same results quickly with fancier maths instead of low level programming.


Thank you so much for explaining. Copied and paste it :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess for me the Airsquitter is out of reach. Will focus on the Airspy mini.