Has anyone replaced an Airspy mini with an Airspy R2? Did you notice a performance difference?

As per the subject, has anyone gone from an Airspy mini to an Airspy R2?

Did you notice any real measurable difference in performance between the two?

Is a Pi4 up to the job of handing an R2 at 24MHz?

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Hi Keith,
I run 2 R2 airspys at my location, both same set up apart from antennas in use.
Before all the latest updates from 1.85 the ‘test station’ would always be 2~3% lower than main site.
Both are/were running 24Mhz as find for me this worked the best for my location.
Still playing with the latest ‘updates’ to find that sweet spot - main site still on 2.1 and test site now on 2.2 - time will tell which is best for here! :thinking:
73 Andy

Thanks Andy - Are they both on Pi4s and what LNAs are you using (if any)?

Both pi4s - antenna(s) - rtlsdr lna - cavity filter - pi4.
Cavity filter to protect R2s - cheaper to replace lna (lost one the other month due to nearby lightning + bias T).
Have tried 12/20 Mhz rates but 24 always best here for me.

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