Airports on maps

Would it be possible to add other airports to maps? Like IAD is near DCA but when you bring op the IAD map you don’t see DCA, I know where it is but i think it would be better to see the airport on the map that way when I see planes lineing up I see that there going to there. Same thing with the New York area. JW

Are you talking about the “Airport Activity” maps? I’ve thought that would be kind of cool. If you see a flight descending or ascending, you could get a better idea of where it came from. The problem would be that there are so freakin’ many airports in some areas that the already-crowded maps would be downright swamped w/ extra information.

Yeah thats true but what if they changed colors? Like say your looking at IAD the flights in and out of there could be RED, but the flights over at DCA could be WHITE or something along that line. I just want to get better ideas of things going on faster.

Perhaps check boxes below the maps to optionally show individual nearby towered airports, or just airports with published STARs or instrument procedures:
] Show KIAD
] Show KBWI
] Show KHEF
] Show KJYO

Thats a good idea let people choose it they want to know where those other planes are going.

This is definitely something we intend to offer. I haven’t heard anything about an interface for selecting which airports are displayed, but I know there is support for showing nearby major airports or all nearby airports and enabling/disabling this on a per-map basis.

Sounds Good :smiley: