It would be nice to have at least runway layouts (if not the entire airport layout) appear once a certain zoom level is chosen, so that you could watch what runway an aircraft is approaching.

This site - was referred to in a different post. It gives a good different point of view. However I will have to say that I was very exicited to find FlightAware and all of its options.

Maybe even if the far future displaying navaids could be a clickable option.


BTW, I suggested this because even though the sectional overlay is a great feature, its a bit cluttered with the colors of the the aircraft and makes them hard to see.


I know this is late, but I like this idea. Especilly with airports such as KMSP, KJFK and all those other airports with a lot of runways that are pretty close together.


We’re going to improve the visibility of the aircraft and datablocks on the sectional and earth views in the near future.


Sweet! I love the idea of making the earth views more clear