Time lapse


On the main page there is a time lapes of all the flights that are or were being tracked. My question is would it be possile to look at a local radar say BTV and se the last 24 hours of planes that had past over Vermont but instead of having little red dots have the plane with its flight number on it and also be able to stop the time lapes to see the flights to look at the information on them? if this is confusing please tell me.


Nice idea, and it kind of ties into the upcoming ability to see past aircraft tracks. Wouldn’t mind seeing this myself, and it would be very helpful in certain situations.


i’m glad you said this hopefully i will get the same intrest with other people reading this.


There are three variations to consider here.

  1. A time-lapse view of the expanded Airport Activity map, showing the previous X hours, with play/pause/end capability.

  2. A time-lapse replay of a flight’s path. FlightAware can create these now. They did this with the N1KE flight around Portland, OR some months ago. There is a substantial systems difference, however, between a custom-made feature and giving us the capability to create it on-demand.

  3. A time-lapse replay of a flight’s path, showing all other aircraft in the area moving in sync with the flight. This can be simulated in real-time if one knows airport codes along the flight path. One simply creates new Airport Activity expanded maps as the flight moves toward the edge of the current expanded airport map. That’s fairly easy to do along the East and West coasts, but for the Great Plains and Rocky Mountain states, it’s not so intuitive about what the next airport should be. I know this because I was trying to track a KBZN/KSLC/KDFW flight with area flight traffic today.

I think all of these possibilities should be on FA’s future project list. The key question is with what priority. Frankly, I put map zoom/pan; pop-up identification blocks with mouse-click; fleet/wildcard search displays; and filtered searching based on time-window, lat-lon window, and altitude window all at a higher priority than time-lapse displays.

That’s how I see it.


I also think they sould work on those before a time lapse no need to stop something just for a new request but in the future i think it would be great if the time lapse was on here.


thats a good idea, 88nitro305. I support that feature request for the future. Like tobyz1 said, for right now im just waiting for the map zoom, pan feature then i’ll be happy.