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Could we get a feature on the airport page that selects specific airlines and/or aircraft type arriving and departing an airport?


Are you suggesting being able to show only Asiana Airlines B744 jets arriving into KJFK? Or just all B744 jets arriving into KJFK? I like that idea.


Both or just one of them. FlightAware member’s option.


This is just the feature I’m looking for as well. Sometimes I see 747s heading west over Scandinavia, obviously flying to the US. But no regular airline I know of flying from Stockholm, Helsinki, Moscow etc are using the 747 on these routes. So what airline is this??

The way to find out is an option to check Flightaware for 747s arriving (from direction…) into JFK, EWR, ORD or any other likely airport. :unamused:


Possible it could be Evergreen, Giant or Kittyahwk. These companies use 747 for Cargo. They stage out of Gander NL CYQX as a fuel stop frequently.

Could be An-124?

Just an example below. … /EHAM/KATL


The view airborne aircraft is a useful feature as an example

but to nail the overflights and find out what they are may require at least a radio scanner as international flight tracking is full of potential problems esp as far north as Scandinavia with a/c “obviously” going to the US. You may have to extend your "…any other likely airport options"
Try also CYYR,CYJT,CYQX as Lancasterperch suggested.

Apart from Transaero out of Moscow with 747 I would also think it likely its freight.


CYJT Stephenville is not a major player in terms of servicing oceanic flights. One time yes, but today no, but it still has one of the longest runways and best flying conditions on the island. Loaded C-5 can land here.

Another great staging airport is CYYT St. John’s.

CYQX Gander is still the best in terms of finding Oceanic Flights stopping for fuel. Both Civil and military, though you can only see a fraction of military here.

Otherwise check out major hubs like KORD, KJFK, CYYZ, CYUL etc. to see if anything is heading your way.


Hi, and thanks for repies. l’ll check out the arriving/inbound feature when observing oddities over Scandinavia the next time.

Some days back I requested Flightaware Allerts for 3 eastbound international flights. If routed my way, they’ll pass here some 6 hours after take-off JFK on their way to Asia.
It created a lot of mails, and a lot of misses. Those flying over Dublin or towards the Pole, wasn’t really of interest. The ones I’m looking for are those over GRM (Oslo Airport, /visual/photo/binoculars) or southern Scandinavia (/acars/S-mode or VHF radio).

May I suggest that the Allert function includes a Waypoint-field? Only if a filed flight routing contains one of the waypoint(s) or flighttracks (UP607 etc) you have specified, then the allert message is sent, otherwise not.

Merry Christmas folks :slight_smile:>