Airport Code default


When I enter an airport code into the box on the left, it defaults to the airport information page where it used to default to the airport activity page. It seems to me, the airport activity page would be a more logical default as FA is in the business of live flight tracking.

Just my two cents.


I noticed that, also. It seems to have just started doing that.

As a work-around until they set the default to airport activity, you can enter the code then hit the tab key, and then press enter.

Of course, you can always enter the code and click on airport active, also.


Now, when I hit tab and ‘airport activity’ hightlights or when I actually click on ‘airport activity’… it goes to airport information, then I have to select activity from there.


Same thing is now happening to me


This is annoying. Enter airline code and hit return should get you airport activity not runway diagrams.


You probably mean airport code, not airline code.

In any case, the problem only seems to be when you enter the airport code from the discussion screen. Entering the airport code and pressing enter works fine from the actual FlightAware section.


Thanks, yes airport code :slight_smile:

From homepage enter airport code: JFK and hit enter key.

You get runway info.

Not a big deal but just think airport activity would override airport info.


I second that motion!


I did and got JFK airport activity when I used Firefox and Opera. You are probably using Internet Explorer because when I entered JFK in that browser the airport data came up.

Until you get a good browser like Firefox, enter the airport, press the tab key, and press enter after making sure there’s a light dotted line around the activity butotn or enter the airport code and click on the airport activity button.

Addendum: It still defaults to the airport data when I enter the airport code from the forum pages using Firefox.


Could someone clarify if the apparent default to the airport information rather than the tracking pages (from the Airport Code ‘focus’ box) is new functionality or a glitch?
Nothing to do with the beta for map enhancements and something I may have logged into is it??
I always seem to have this problem now (using IE7) when starting the site from scratch.
Doesnt do much for me looking at European airports as there hasnt been much info added for the airports i look at…

Thx IN (UK)


It was a bug that it was doing that – should be fixed now on the main site and on the discussion forums.


Nope - typing in the address and not logging in I still get taken to airport info and not the tracker page for starters.
Note, when logged in to send a msg(here, now) I still get airport info from the airport code input first.
Offers anybody?

Ta. IN (UK)