Particular airport information upon log on

Does anyone know if I can get my flightaware page to display a particular airport activity right when I log on without having to type the airport code in everytime? Maybe like when I log on, could it automatically go to my favorite airport activity page?

Are you logging in on different computers or the same computer? If it’s the same computer you could stay logged in and bookmark the page for the airport you want.

If you’re really tech savvy and you use Firefox you could probably whip something up with Greasemonkey.

Pardon me if you already thought of these; I’m trying to guess what you mean by “log on”. To me it looks like what you’re after is naturally done with your browser instead of something on the website.

  1. After you start the browser, you want to browse all around and then use a bookmark to get to FA, but you want FA to start at your airport page. Then (obviously) use a bookmark to your airport page instead of .

  2. When you start Firefox, you want your airport page to come up immediately by itself. Then browse to the page(s) you want to appear like that, using multiple tabs as needed; and then go to Tools ==> Options ==> Main tab, and click on “Use Current Pages”. That way it’ll restore those same tabs on startup.

  3. Same thing but with Internet Explorer. Browse to the page(s) you want to appear like that, using multiple tabs as needed; and then go to Tools ==> Internet Options ==> General tab, and click on “Use Current”.

Wow, I shouldn’t post after 11PM.

Since you can login from any page, setting your homepage to your airport will do the trick.

Heheheheh…been there, done that.


Thanks, I didnt think I could bookmark a page after log on, but I guess I can as long as I stayed logged on. Thanks guys, i will try that.

Me neither, done now though.

Like the guy said - you can bookmark any page in FlightAware. My bookmark is set up to show me all unread discussions in the forum.

At one time I had over three dozen bookmarks for FlightAware. These were mainly military bases (for tracking charters) and aircraft (e.g. the Beech 18, BAC 1.11).