View airport activity versus airport information


I can’t see any real difference between “View airport activity” and “View Airport Information”. Maybe I am missing something, an answer would be appreciated. :laughing:


First question that some will ask will be “what airport are you looking at?”

The airport activity page should be VERY different from the airport information page. The info page should show the airport diagram, FBO info (for some airports), uh, runway info, traffic stats, physical address type info, etc.

The activity page SHOULD show departing/departed, arrived/enroute/scheduled to aircraft (that have filed IFR)


Original poster’s question is valid. For some reason, the links are pointing to the airport activity rather then airport information

If you look on the left side of the screen below the airport code, there are two buttons, view airport activity and view airport information, and the view airport information button is taking you to the activity page rather then the information page.

I tried on my home airport KMBO and KORD and the results were the same.

This probably should have been posted on the bug page, but original poster is new to the site and wouldn’t have known the difference or know there is a problem based on his posting history (first post).




I wasn’t using those “buttons”, so that would be the difference on what I was seeing. I was using the link at the top of the Airport Activity page. That one does work.

That being said, if you go to the Activity page, look at the top of the page to see the link for the Airport Info page. That one works and the original poster will be able to see the difference.

Thanks for the clarification on the different links. I usually just put the airport ID in the box and hit enter, which takes me to the activity page.


Thank you PIKA for your post to my query. The airport in question is RIC/KRIC and both “View airport activity” and “View airport information” choices show the same data (airport activity). However, I later notice that BOTH choices displayed page heirarchy near the top of : FlightAware > Live Flight Tracker > Airport > Richmond Int’l Airport (Richmond, VA) [KRIC/RIC] (KRIC airport information). The last parenthesized text “(KRIC airport information)” is a hyperlink and if I click it, then the Airport Information you referred to is finally shown. So it looks like the initial links are ambiguous, since each shows the same info and requires another click to display airport information.

Or, as LIEBERMA just replied, I might have both link choices pointing to the View Airport Activity page.


The two buttons should take you to different pages. They do in Firefox. They do in Safari. They do in Opera. But not in Internet Explorer. sigh


As Mduell says, works fine in Firefox. Click on activity, get activity. Click on information, get information.

In case Mduell was using IE7, I tried it in IE6: Click on activity, get activity. Click on information, get activity. :cry:


Now class, what did we learn from this? IE6/7, bad…Firefox, good. Class dismissed!



MicroSoft is never wrong! The programming is bad as is all the other browsers. The buttons will have to be reprogrammed and the other browsers will have to come out with new versions to support the change!