Airplane Dreams


Have any of you had, or know anyone who has had, dreams about crashes or incidents that came true or partially true? I’m talking about dreams while sleeping. Taking a survey out of curiosity. Thanks in advance.


Had a partial one once.

Dreamt that the plane I boarded crashed on take off. I was sitting over the wing root. Plane goes off run way, splits, and comes to an abrupt halt. All I see is grass between my feet. Undo seat beat and jump to the ground.

Next day, I board a 737-400, taxi for take off. begin takeoff, the plane begins its rotation and…

…I land at CYUL 2 hours later. Uneventful flight. But the boarding part of my dream was totally accurate. :wink:

In all seriousness I would say there are a few stories out there. The real question here is the mechanics of the dream. Is the dream a premonition of the event or does the event cause your brain to go back into its ‘files’ (dreams ) to find information which might help explain the current situation the body is faced with, a plane crash and resulting smoke, fire etc. Much like deja vu is in fact you reliving a very similar memory of a similar situation.