Airlines Post a 79% On Time Rate for March … ance_N.htm

The Best On-Time percentage is Hawaiian Airlines – 91.1%

The Worst On-Time Percentage is Comair – 68.6%

Please provide your source so we can see who is between Hawaiian and Comair. I’m interested in seeing where Southwest came in.

Sorry, forgot about that momentarily. :blush:

Southwest did pretty good being the 2nd “Major Airline” on the list

I find these other findings interesting:

Tarmac delays: In April, there were 48 flights that had taxi-time waits of 3 hours or more before departing. American Airlines and JetBlue each reported a flight that a ground delay of 4 hours or more.

Mishandled baggage: The carriers posted a mishandled baggage rate of 3.79 reports per 1,000 passengers in April, an improvement over both April 2008’s rate of 4.99 and March’s 4.12 rate.

Customer complaints: In April, the DOT received 781 complaints about airline service from consumers, down from 1,112 in April 2008 but more than the 705 received in March.

Airline rankings: Among the major carriers, Alaska Airlines reported the best on-time rate, with 84.3%. Continental had the worst, with 72%.

Most-delayed flight:Northwest Airlines flight 803 from Atlanta to Honolulu was late 97% of the time, making it the most consistently late flight during the month.

Actually, NWA 803 doesn’t surprise me because all the Delta employees were excited to see a 747. It’s probably the most photographed flight. I’d also like to take credit for making the April 2nd version late.

Conclusion from analysis of these statistics: Fewer people flew during the month of April! :smiling_imp: