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Airline Pre-Takeoff Announcements

Why do all the Airlines Flight Attendant announcements sound basically the same??

Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) tells the airlines what they must say. Unlike Southwest, most flight attendants state them verbatim without any humor.

So they have scripts??

Delta ain’t half bad:

“Smoking is not allowed” :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh, yeah…

Do they have those scripts on the internet, becuase I would like to get one if they are available.

Not unless you have access to an internal airline website… went three pages into google and didn’t find anything but recordings. Transcribe them if you like. Not 100% sure what you’d want them for anyway…

On Air Canada…they do… the pre flight is a rocording played on the entertainment screens.

Most of them are on youtube including 1000’s of variations from SWA.

As mentioned Southwest likes to add to their announcements, in fact some of them get to the point of annoying in the added “humor”, but when I worked for Trans States, I was on one of our ATR’s out of Peoria Il. It was freakin windy :open_mouth: , and a warm thermally very active day. Their ride in apparently was very choppy. So as we taxiied out, the FA did her normal scripted announcement, and at the end mentioned “the roller coaster ride you’re about to experience has already been included in the price of your ticket”. I thought it was funny, but the pax in front of me, an obvious white knuckler, looked at her husband next to her as if her life had just flashed in front of her.

The captain on my SWA flight from OAK to LAX on Christmas day did a “preflight announcement.” He came into the cabin, welcomed us aboard, and then said the flight was going to Cancun. The weather was such and such. Then the flight attendant did the real briefing.

I’ve heard some pretty bad post-landing announcements including when a FA just went on and on about connections for DAY. I can tell she didn’t know much about Dayton considering we have usually about 1 connecting pax a week.

It’s the same at AVP. “Welcome to Scranton/[insert mangled pronunciation of Wilkes-Barre]. (How can you welcome me to some place you yourself just arrived?) If this is your final destination…(um, it’s 11PM, there’s not another flight outta here until 6AM). Refrain from smoking until you reach a designated smoking area inside the terminal. (There are none).”

I know these crews don’t always fly the same routes, but c’mon, they should know a little about the place.

I doubt there is a “universal script” however rgl.faa.gov/REGULATORY_AND_GUIDA … 21-24C.pdf will give you the FAA spin on what are the minimums required for passenger briefings.

I would think Airlines probably would customize the script based on route (over water vs land flights?)

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