Im looking for the company frequency for Frontier Airlines at Wichita Mid Continent Airport in Wichita Kansas. It has been served by Lynxx Aviation until Apr 19, 2010. It will change over to Frontier as of Apr 19, 2010 when they will start flying the EMB-170 jets back into Wichita. If anyone knows what frequency Frontier uses to call in range I would greatly appreciate it.

Mike Reid … C+file_num

Try the link above to the FCC’s license search page for “Frontier”. There are several licenses issued to Frontier Airlines out of Denver. Most likely all their licenses are processed through the home office with the individual base stations licensed separately.

I hope this helps.

Hi Eggman,
Thanks for your reply. Checked out that site you gave me and no luck on a Wichita Frequency for Frontier. If you have anyother ideas please let me know. I would think that frequency would be listed somewhere if you know where to find it.

Thanks Again,

This is another one of those questions that begs…for what purpose?


If Frontier holds the license then they will be listed in the FCC’s database. Each license should list what freq.'s authorized and the location of the base and antenna structure.

If the flight is an E170 it will be operated by Republic Airlines and may use their company freq. instead.

Guess I should of said it at the beginning. Im a former Frontier employee and I have a scanner here and like to listen to all the Frontier flights in this area when they call in range. Wichita is the only station I have never found a frequency for them. Just a hobby for me here.


Agreed that it’ll most likely be a Republic discreet frequency now…but as a former Frontier employee, don’t you “know somebody”?

Another FCC page you should be using is this one.
Click on Site/Frequency link
Select STATE
Input your search each range.
128.825 - 132.0
136.500 - 136.975
Then click ‘Submit Query’ on the bottom of the page.

Wichita Mid Continent Airport.

Licensee: Aviation Spectrum Resources Inc

Callsign: WHQ5 Frequency: 128.825
Callsign: WHU8 Frequency: 129.125 130.025 131.550
Callsign: WIC3 Frequency: 128.875
Callsign: WLL3 Frequency: 128.975
Callsign: WPV9 Frequency: 129.425
Callsign: WPVB283 Frequency: 130.825
Callsign: WSP62 Frequency: 129.750
Callsign: WQHP308 Frequency: 129.975

Callsign: WYD8 Frequency: 131.250
Callsign: KAB4 Frequency: 131.300
Callsign: KDB2 Frequency: 131.475
Callsign: WXD2 Frequency: 131.475
Callsign: KDS6 Frequency: 130.125
Callsign: KQK8 Frequency: 131.750
Callsign: KST4 Frequency: 130.575
Callsign: WGY6 Frequency: 131.925

Callsign: WHU8 Frequency: 136.800
Callsign: WPTF971 Frequency: 136.975
Callsign: WVA8 Frequency: 136.850

Try those for now! That should keep you busy this month!. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you use YahooGroups. This group talks about Airlines Ops, etc.
With many links to check out…

FCC Search link for SEDGWICK county 128.825 - 132.0

FCC Search Link for SEDGWICK County 136.5 - 136.975

FCC 1 mile Radius around the Mid-Continent Airport.

The Boeing Company (Wichita) - Motorola Trunked System

They use 129.975 for air to ground communications in Wichita.

Hi MTNBIKER 2005 and GINGER727,
Thanks for your help in getting this frequency for me. I really appeciate it. I will add it to my Frontier frequencies I already have here. MTNBIKER 2005, I loaded all those frequencies in tonight and about 845PM the 129.975 frequency came on with the new Frontier flight calling into Wichita. And then later when I checked my replies here GINGER727 told me the exact frequency. So it all worked out. Now I can take all those other frequencies out of my scanner. But that is for tomorrow night. Later on I will try this question again when Frontier starts flying into Branson, Missouri.

Thanks Again Everyone