Hello Again,
Guess I spoke too soon. Just noticed that Frontier started service into Branson, Missouri today 4/20/10. Again Im needing the Frontier company frequency for Branson. Know for a fact that those Denver to Branson flights will fly close to me here heading towards Branson so should be able to hear the in-range call pretty good from here. If any of you can help me out one more time I would greatly appreciate it. I promise this will be the last request for a while. GINGER727 OR MTNBIKER 2005 if you can pull another one out of your hat it would be much appreciated here.

Thanks Again,

Looking at the FCC database.

Branson Airport: Only two listed for that airport.
Frequency: 129.72500000 - Callsign: WQKL677
Frequency: 136.85000000 - Callsign: WQKF929

Branson Airport - Air Ops

FCC Search link for Taney county,MO 128.825 - 132.0

FCC Search Link for Taney County,MO 136.5 - 136.975

FCC 1 mile Radius around the Branson Airport.