Thought I would try this again. Does anyone know what the company frequency for Frontier Airlines in OKC is? Its the air to ground frequency that the flights call in-range on. Frontier has 3 flights a day from Denver which are actually Republic flights with the call sign of BRICKYARD. If anyone knows this frequency please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Im a former Frontier employee and like to listen to the in-range calls to various airports that Frontier flies into around my area.



shows a frequency at STL but nothing at OKC


ATIS 125.025
Approach from North and East 132.125
Approach 123.7
Approach from South and West 133.55
Class B (N/E) 124.2
Class B (S/W) 126.5
Clearance 119.5
Departure 119.15 124.25 126.55 128.10
Ground Control 118.925
Ground Control Inbound 121.90
Ground Control Outbound 121.65
Ground Metering East 127.55
Ground Metering West 121.075
Tower 118.50 120.05 132.475