Airframe name for Fedex MD-11 N642FE and N644FE


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I’ve always been keen on following the progress of the 4 ex-Transmile MD11s purchased by Fedex - N642-N645FE. So far I’ve personally photographed two of them - N643FE is named “Haley” and N645FE is named “Carmen”. Anyone knows the airframe names of the remaining two i.e. N642FE and N644FE?




I looked at Couldn’t make out the name for N642. Looking at this photo it appears the name is 4 letters long.

This photo of N644FE shows the name though not too clearly. It begins with “Al”. It might be “Alisia”.

#3 … eFleetList

Sadly the two you ask about are among the few that show no name.


Except that they do have a name according to picture evidence. The name is only on the left side of the aircraft under the cockpit. Look at the two pictures I provided links to above.


N642FE is named “Elise”.

N644FE is “Adriana”.


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Yes, I realize the pictures showed a name, but as I said that website shows no name for those two among others.




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I have noticed that airframes N525FE, N526FE and N527FE have been christened recently as well. Their names also don’t show up on Planespotters. Anyone has any idea of their names? Thanks all :smiley: