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DC10-10 vs. DC10-30??

FedEx Express has both DC10-10’s and DC10-30’s but I can’t seem to figure out a way to tell them apart in flight tracker because it always just says DC10 under aircraft description. Anyone know if there is a way to distinguish between them? Thanks.

Visually, the -30 has an extra main gear leg in the middle.

Technically they are MD-10s, one way to distinguish on FA is track by N# N302FE, 303,4,6,7,8,312-21FE are -30s, all others are -10s. Per planespotters.net/Airline/Fe … ess-(FedEx :wink:

Okay. So i noticed the difference in the landing gear, the only problem with that is when i search by flight # the picture of the plane for that flight is a general one and not necessarily for that specific plane (I would have to search by N# to get a specific picture).

And thanks for the plane spotters website. Now is there a way that I can find the N# of a plane from the flight # search so I can compare it to the list? Because as of right now, say I wanted to track fdx 128, i’d have to search through the 15 DC10-30 N#'s and see which (if any) correspond to that flight…

Not that I know of.

I’m not sure that all 10-30’s have been converted to MD-10s. The conversion removes the engineer’s panel and automates those functions, reducing the crew to the Captain and FO. The Flight Engineer’s seat and desk remain (nice for the jumpseater :slight_smile: )

Yep, all converted. Only the 727s still have 3 crew and they will be gone in the next year.