Airforce One Coming To Chicago today

(AP) – President Barack Obama might be powerful and well-known, but the White House got some real star power Wednesday: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stopped by for a chat with the chief executive.

The uber-famous Hollywood pair were spotted in the Oval Office by photographers waiting outside for the president to** take off for a trip to Chicago**.

The White House confirmed Pitt and Jolie were in town to screen Jolie’s movie about Bosnian war crimes at the Holocaust museum, and dropped by so the president could talk with Jolie about her work on preventing mass atrocities and combating sexual violence against women.

Pitt was seen sporting a cane, which he’s been using following a skiing injury.

Everything is blue is not needed in this posting. Just say the president is coming to Chicago. Who really cares about overrated actors and actresses?

Censoring posters again David? Don’t forget what happened to you last time you assumed this self-appointed role!

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Not censoring. Just happened to catch me at a bad time. Local Fox news show had reported on this like it was earth-shattering news (minus the part about the president going to Shy Town). The same station had also reported on the TV show Alcatraz like it was a real news story when it was actually just a thinly veiled promo for a Fox TV show. Ditto for one of those stupid musical show - they gave a lot of air time to the show when I don’t consider that crap to be news.

Of course the local ABC, CBS, and NBC news shows also have promos disguised as news on also.

Can well understand a “bad timing” condition, not unlike my usual state after reading or listening to any and all news reports of the ongoing and interminable Republican primaries. :open_mouth: :unamused: