Aircraft type for Kyle Busch

What plane does Kyle Busch fly in?

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Well I can tell you which one he will be flying in next year :smiling_imp:

N500DE :laughing:

What plane does Kyle Busch fly in?


To answer your question I do not think he owns one yet, maybe charter or lease. My initial guess is he uses one of the many Hendrick aircraft. We have a thread “Nascar Changing Tail Numbers” that discusses alot of these drivers andthier aircraft.

Well I can tell you which one he will be flying in next year



I would not write that in stone yet. There are more rumors than ever on this. I guess we will find out around 11:00

Any relation to Busch Lite?

Auggie III personal bush fleet :stuck_out_tongue:
N24010 PIPER PA-18-150
N860 BELL 407

These are some of the A-B company cars:
N407DP BELL 407
N885 FALCON 900

Saw N407DP up close and personal on a surprise inspection by Auggie the 3rd himself. Only reason we got advance warning is because at the time, a good friend of mine’s dad worked in the TUL tower and gave him the clearance to land in our parking lot.

The Falcons come in here, for extended visits sometimes.

I recall a story about one of the A-B’s King Airs. I think it got stolen out of some Central American county…

I also recall seeing N30Y landing in a small grassy area across the street of the Edward Jones Dome during the last football season. It was impressive to see such a large helicopter landing on the ground in downtown STL.

The medivac helicopters are all based in downtown STL, on the ground (across the river from CPS).

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And I was actually looking for the same type of information as well. If the gentlemen had his time wasted so severely one must wonder why the heck he would respond with all of that information.

Kyle was in Milwaukee testing at the mile yesterday. He could have been in either


or any other HENDRICK plane which go forever all beginning with 50 and up to N511RH or possibly more.

It also could be under N200KB but that is probably Kurt. Although something tells me that he had Penske in his title description.

I think General Mitchell, not sure if he is still there, left or what not. JR is headed there now also.

N504RH doesn’t exist.
N505RH belongs to a beech 1900 from missouri
N503RH has been reserved by Hendrick but isn’t assigned to an aircraft yet.

At least as far as the FAA N number registry is concerned.

I am merely giving him the information for 3 planes that were used for Hendrick drivers in the past, that could not or did not have their own plane.

Nothing more, nothing less, and whether or not they are now, they all were once registered to Hendrick Motorsports for that very reason. Actually one of them may have been involved in a crash a few years back so my apologies for that but I do have some on hand and those were listed for Hendrick besides the obvious drivers.

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