Aircraft Type DA40


I see you made a change in the description for a PA28 and was hoping you could do the same for the DA40.

While the FAA lists DA40 as Diamond Katana, it is actually a Diamond Star. Is this a change you guys would be willing to make? …Please? We Diamond Star owners would appreciate it.

Diamond Star N129DK


Not a problem – you should be all set now. Welcome to FlightAware.


Thanks for the quick response.

I posted information about FlightAware on the Diamond Aircraft Pilots/Owners Organization (DAPO) web site’s discussion forum, so you should be seeing a bunch of new folks from there. The ones who have come here so far, all agree this is a “way cool” site.

A few have stated their flights don’t show in the 90 history, so I pointed them to this discussion area. I told them about your quick and friendly responses.

Thanks for the great service.



Sounds great and thanks for the support.

As I’m sure you and the other DAPO folks know, FlightAware can only reliably handle IFR flights and the service is still in beta, so there are a few glitches that we’re aware of and intend to resolve. That said, anyone is welcome to post examples of specific problems or email us if they doesn’t want to post their tail number – we’ll be happy to look at specific issues.

Additionally, please feel free to e-mail or post any feedback. Enjoy FlightAware.