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Aircraft seen not updating


Haven’t had a problem since the update at the beginning of December, but I notice that I am showing as ‘Today’ not ‘Live’ again and only 91 aircraft reported in 3 hrs !
PP is showing sharing upload complete to Flightaware but FA is not updating.


Same here :frowning:

Apparently I am still in this club too. :imp:

Nobody care to reply ?
Still not showing as ‘Live’ :confused: :frowning:

I tried adding 20dB attenuation reducing the message rate below 1,000 per sec but it didn’t work this time.


We had a resurgence of the problem from last month – fixed permanently this time. Thanks for catching it.

Thanks for the reply

Aircraft not updating. Using Planeplotter to share info. All parameters correct. Have had FlightAware program running for approx. 6 hours with a good no of aircraft showing, but not reflected in FlightAware.


How many aircraft do you see? We’re receiving your data, but only about 1000 bytes per submission.

I still see a drop to the bottom line for various users on rank 1-10. no updates at all.
namely one of my feeds and those of peter benny, erik kramers, gary morton, paul gibbs, ian

The graph does not reflect today’s activity.

Generally 31 aircraft, tailing off to just a few later in that evening.
I have logged on again today and all seems fine.

While the feeds were not updating I tried feeding from my SBS3 which resulted in the following ID to be generated.
Please delete this ID :-

**ID: 700
Joined: 2014-01-08
Feed method: SBS-3
Nearest Airport: Naval Air Facility Atsugi (Ayase, Kanagawa JP) (RJTA / NJA)
Country: Japan **


I noticed today my total seen DROPPED, from 9,000 to 8,821 in a couple of hours. this was reflected in my daily average and today’s total. I thought I had seen this before but the even number of 9,000 confirmed it. any thing going on?

See “Why do my statistics totals sometimes decrease?” on flightaware.com/adsb/faq#statsdecrease