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Aircraft Radar on Alexa

What do people think of the Alexa Aircraft Radar skill? No doubt it works on the Google speaker too.

Apparently they get the data from ADSB Exchange - I’ve only just discovered it, quite entertaining, not sure how useful though. The various voice commands are a mystery at the moment, wonder if the Alexa car attachment might make this a useful Speaker Skill for portable units as often screens difficult to read in sunlight.


Sounds interesting great idea with the portable Alexa.

Found a few commands that may help?

  • “what airplanes are around?”
  • “what jets are overhead?”
  • “what was that?”
  • “are there any helicopters nearby?”
  • “what’s the nearest aircraft?”
  • “are there any military planes around?”
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Thanks, that is useful. Yes, the portable Alexa might be handy with it, assume you are referring to the car Alexa or is there a device I’ve missed?


Hi Send2gl, most welcome, sorry thats correct the in car Alexa.


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