Air to Air Photos!

There’s a reason they call it Death Valley! Look at the mountains in the background.

My wife took this picture climbing out of Death Valley yesterday.

Notice how I reduced the size of there pictures so one doesn’t have to scroll left and right to see them. About 600 pixels wide seems to work for most everyone.

That’s the road leading into Death Valley in the bottom of the picture.

I put the rest of the pictures up on a page for the other pilot to see. It’s not linked from my other pages but I really like some of the pictures.

Great pictures Frank, thanks for sharing.

Terrain, terrain, pull up, pull up. Cool pix.

If you did crash it’s not like the wreckage would be hidden under a tree. This isn’t Washington state.

Wow…you’re lucky you have such great scenery to fly around…All i have is farmland with an occasional lake.

Did you buy one J?

Yeah, with an unemployed wife and a baby 8 weeks out, I went out and bought a yak!

That picture was taken a while back. Some guy bought a brand new yak, flew it for about 5 hours one summer, and then left it to rot in the grass for over 2 years. Needed a bunch of work obviously so we got a ferry permit and flew it home.

:laughing: Hell…you never know… Thought maybe you were the favorite nephew or sumthin… :wink: