Air Time


Before the recent interface update, FlightAware showed “air time” as the primary travel-time value for all flights. Now it shows “gate-to-gate” time, which while a great thing to see, is not what I want personally. Is there a way in any of the settings to get “air time” to show up again? Ideally I’d like the time below the green progress bar to say:

8h 43m gate-gate, 7h 42m airborne

And I’d like two time columns in the “history” section, replacing current “Duration” with “Gate-Gate” and “Airborne”.

If not able to show both times, at least the option in “settings” to put it back to the old way, where all the times were “airborne”.


We have a setting for this we call “Aviator View.” Currently, as you point out, airline flights attempt to show gate-gate times by default, since those are most relevant to most travelers, while GA flights show air time since gates don’t really apply. By enabling Aviator View, all flights will be shown using the GA format.

To enable this, click the gear icon at the upper center of the flight page to open your settings:

Then check “Always show aviator view:”

This will switch to a more condensed layout which also always shows gate times for the flight progress bar:

Great! I couldn’t find where to set that - thank you! It would be a nice update if the headings of the columns and under the progress bar showed which time measure was currently displayed, eg, from “air time” to “gate-gate time” depending on what mode you’re currently in.