Total flight time vs gate to gate

Ok this has been absolutely bugging me for months now.

As you can see, this flight shows a total flight time of 8h 50m directly above the map. However, on the right, we see that the flight took off 14m later and landed 19m earlier. So the actual flight time is 8h 17m. Flightaware used to use this data and now has gone gate to gate in their flight summary.

I frequently look at actual time in the air before I book certain legs. Now you have to do more than scan the flight time, you have to start calculating times after looking at takeoff and landing, and then compensate for time zones.

Very annoying. Miss the old format. I mean what’s next, they start using boarding times from the first passenger on until the last gets off?

Using the sproket (to the left of “Get Notifications” on the page, you can switch to ‘aviator view’ and see runway times. 57%20PM

Thank you, that’s what I’ve been missing!