Air Show Season

New York City’s Jones Beach airshow kicks off Saturday at 10:00. This years event features the US Navy Blue Angles.

McGuire’s show is next Saturday and Sunday, 5/31 and 6/1.

can’t forget Oshkosh; July 28-August 3.

After a year with the T-Birds, Miramar is bringing back the Angels for this year’s show, October 3,4,5.

Mine alternates between the Angels and the T-birds. T-birds this year it says. Also an F-15 and it says an F-104 which is cool, I’ve never seen an F-104 in flight.

Starfighters are amazing!

I was living in Bremerhaven, Germany in 1969 when on 12.12.69 a Luftwaffe Starfighter F-104G crashed into North Sea after a bird strike near off shore island Helgoland. U.S. Army harbor craft were dispatch to help with the search and rescue. The pilot ejected but drowned. A total of 292 German F-104 were lost in accidents, with the tragic death of 116 pilots, but 171 pilots ejected safely, 8 pilots twice.

Yet the Spanish air force lost none of their aircraft and the Italian air force didn’t stop flying it until 2004.

The F-100 had a loss rate twice that of the F-104.

Our Belgian built variant wears Netherlands livery.