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Air New Zealand charter flights

Since the retirement of the last two remaining B744’s ZK-SUH, ZKNBV recently which were used on many charter flights for travel agents and companies as well as individual people who had money to charter anz aircraft are they still continuing to do charters using there wide bodied B777’S or B789’S at all. Recently the all black jet ZK-OKQ was used for the all blacks rugby team to Chicago will they still continue to use these twin jets for charters and replace the flight routes they are on with replacement aircraft.

According to my associates at ANZ in AKL/NZAA anz will continue using wide bodied twin jet aircraft in there fleet for charter flights for anyone wishing to charter them,. They can request a particular aircraft of there choice so long as it it not in maintenance or being overhauled at the time or date the charter takes place. There is no shortage of anz aircraft and there are aircraft on hand for this and depending what aircraft is assigned to the charter on the day. For example if a company wanted to charter the Hobbit jets ZK-OKO ZK-OKP they have to give the airline sufficient noticed well in advanced so arrangements can be made to have this aircraft available for the charter and a replacement aircraft would be assigned to that route while the aircraft has being taken off the route or its usual :laughing: routes assigned to.

Most airlines would utilize whatever aircraft is available in the fleet for charters or upon a special request for a particular aircraft can be arranged at anytime ANZ have many aircraft available for charter work and they always have a spare awaiting the next assignment in the hanger or if a aircraft needs replacing on a route if the plane on that route for some reason malfunctions. Most airlines have back up aircraft for charters. If the Hobbit jets or the ALL BLACK jet the b773’s are not available :laughing: at the time then the company or persons will have to either have a different aircraft or wait for the aircraft to be assigned to them.