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Air New Zealand hold's off orders for the B748-819

In the staff bulletin of Air New Zealand pilots & flight attendants have agreed with the CEO Christopher Luxson to defer the orders for eight of the new B748-819 Jumbo Jets they were placing orders for with Boeing. Instead they opted for the B789’S and Two more B773’s which will enter the fleet some time in the coming months and early next year.

Christopher Luxson the CEO of air new zealand said we are looking more into the future of twin jet aircraft with fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. He said with the last two remaining B744’S not retired and sold to other carriers ZK-SUH and ZK-NBV which recently retired from the fleet. The CEO said the days of the Jumbo Jet or the heavy metal aircraft are gone but the newer B748’S are fuel efficient but states the B777’S and the B789’S can go further then a Jumbo Jet with half the pay load of a B747.

The CEO also said most of the B747’S are parked up in storage or the desert floors locked up awaiting a buyer at a cheap price or eventually becoming scrap metal. :frowning: :frowning:

spelling error should read last of the two remaining B744’S are retired.

It concerns Boeing the plane maker of the Jumbo Jet or B747. There orders are for or no where near the mark of orders in the past years since its introduction in 1969. The B748 passenger aircraft is now being delivered to some carriers but many aren’t looking at buying the heavy metal machines now. Air new zealand had a Boeing B748 flown down to NZAA a year ago as a demo jet it only was on the ground for eight hours then left back up to the US. After careful planning and study of the B789 Dreamliners and this newer N773’jet they opted for this choice and put the B748 order on hold maybe cancelling them. Even though ANZ are a small carrier but have dome extremely well in the public eye and to the corporate world of business I think they are looking at the future of twin jetliners with more fuel efficient and economy.

Air New Zealand haven’t cancelled the orders as yet for the B748 there are two placed on order but not finalised with Boeing. They were due in the fleet mid 2018 but have being put back another year. Until they kiwi airline gets all nine B789’S and the three B773’S due for delivery they will start looking at the B748’S but going by what the CEO of the airline ahs said they are more into the future of twin jet aircraft. They will continue looking at the B777X as a option. :astonished: :confused: