Air India Express 737 nose dive

“A 25-year-old co-pilot almost killed his 113 passengers when he tried to move his seat and accidently (sic) sent the Boeing 737 into a terrifying 7,000-foot plunge”

Apparently it when into a 26 degree dive.

Wasn’t trained? Throttle back wings lvl and don’t over G the airplane?
Stuff I did as a private pilot in training. Wow.

Hard to believe that any pilot could be so incompetent. More than likely this was an attempted suicide / mass murder that was luckily averted by the Captain who rushed back from the lavatory just in time - unlike EgyptAir 990.

Based on what evidence, precisely?

The answer is in the name —* Air India *!

I flew in India for a while and having a warm body next to me that held a local passport but could only flip a few switches correctly; this surprises me none.

Most of the fo’s over there suck, but the local aviation authority frowns upon full expat crews.

The suicide theory… HA, I think not; as India isn’t extremist Muslim territory & the Hindu and Shikh are very peaceful groups